Supernait power amp

Hello, I’m building an active speaker system with digital crossover and two power amps.
It would be nice to use supernait 1 I have laying around.

My question is - is there some way to utilize just the power amp section of the supernait gen 1??
Or maybe disable or skip over it’s preamp?

Thanks ahead,

Stefan, yes, you can use the Supernait just as a power amp. Just remove the link plug and connect into the power amp in.

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I’m using my SN1 as Dac, Preamp and Poweramp.

My computer feeds the optical in of the SN1, this feeds the Preamp.

The Preamp-out is connected to a Hicap DR, this Hicap DR links to another Hicap DR which feeds the Snaxo (crossover). The Snaxo feeds a Nap 200 for high frequencies and the poweramp-in of the SN1 for lower frequencies.

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Amazing system. If I may ask, if you had a dual cap, would one PSU be enough?

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Hi, I think that a flatcap indeed can power the SN and the Snaxo, but I know that the SN benefits a lot from the Hicap DR. I’ve no intentions to change it besides a bit rerouting of cables.

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