Supernait question

Hello, I have an original Supernait, 2 questions, the cd RCA input doesnt work, but the tuner rca input does, am I doing something wrong ? if not anybody else experience this ?
Also is it ok to use linn lk20 speaker wire, thanks.

Linn K20 was ‘remarkably similar’ to Naim NACA4. So - IMO - yes, you should be fine.

Cannot comment on the other question.

Ok thanks, I tested the AV input that works, tried tape, was blinking at me and no sound.
went back to the tuner input, again works fine, serious gremlins here.

There isn’t an option to select either din or rca per input so it should be working. You can do that with the preamps.
Lk20 is fine.

Maybe a reboot is in order…? Too damn clever, these modern Naits…

Fella has the original supernait. Not the supernait 2. Still maybe in the same line of thought as input could have either of three options. rca/din/dig ?

The original Supernait had input assignment so that may be your problem as the cd button could be assigned to something else such as digital input. Have you got the manual or find it on the web and go through source input selection and assignment

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Ahhh I read supernait followed by the 2!
Agreed likely to be input assignments, see the manual

We find that keeping the tape-out/monitoring bank of selector buttons muted helps. That is, have the bottom left-most button illuminated. It can be a bit hit-and miss. Also try selecting the same monitoring button as the input you’re trying to use. They rightly removed this complexity (which is only useful to a small number of people, really) with the SN2.

But also check those input assignments as suggested.

Many thanks for the input will give these ideas a go.

Regarding the k20, I prefer lengths above 5m. Don’t go too short!

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