Supernait to 272?


I’am Reading the forum for a very long time now.
But i still have some questions.
Currently i play with Tannoy D500 speakers. Drive them with a Supernait1 with Hicap DR. I have a Naim DAC with Mac-mini M2tech spdif with Roon.
I sold my LP12 because is used it barely because most of the times i listen to 90’s or recent pop music.
Now i wanne sell the rest of the equipment.
From that money i’am thinking to buy a 272 and a 250DR and add later a XPS.
Or can i buy better a old 300 and use these on a 172 and buy in a few years later a 272 or new model?

I like the sound of the setup i use now. The stage is only between the speakers. And the sub low is not firm.
I have had 1 week a 252 and a 250DR on my speakers and it was if i was in heaven.
I understand that a 272 is not a 252. But i hope from the supernait comming closer to that sound.
My money is tight. So i buy everything second hand.
Sorry for my English, but i hope you can give me some thoughts on my journy.

Best regards

I went from MacMini/nDAC/SN1/HCDR to 272/250DR and thought it a massive upgrade. I also had an XPSDR on the nDAC, which I kept. It’s a change I’d certainly recommend. Since you won’t get a second hand 272.2 for a good while, if ever, your options are to look for a well-priced, pre-loved 272 (mark 1) or see if a 272.2 is introduced and look for a consequent fall in price of second hand 272s as people trade up. Personally, I’d jump now.


Thanks for your answer.
With a 250DR i’m allready in the right direction.
So na XPS DR does a lot on the 272?
Most people saying the 555ps but that is a very expensive option.

I did not try the 555ps on my 272, so cannot give you a personal impression. I already had an XPSDR when I bought my 272 so mostly used it that way. I think the XPS certainly improves the 272, but a bare 272 is no slouch – it’s a very musical and involving listen. As to whether a 272/555ps setup is a good way to go, it’s worth bearing in mind that it’s not that different in price from a NDX2/282/HiCapDR and the latter combination gets you all the advantages of the new streaming platform. As to which sounds better, you’ll probably get strong opinions both ways.


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That road will be too expensive. But now i gonna first sell my supernait, nDAC and HicapDr. Then buy a 272 with a 250dr. Very nice to know it will be an improvement.

I certainly wouldn’t assume anything of the sort until you have heard these options for yourself. While your speakers will benefit from being driven by a 250, I certainly wouldn’t expect a 272 to sound better than an NDAC. A smattering of forum opinions are not a substitute for a proper demo.

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My complete set is sold right now. So i can count my options how i wanne spent my money.

I was also planning to move up to the Nac N-272, but I emailed Naim and found out that the 272 hardware won’t accept the new Naim software upgrade. The upgrade includes the newer, better version of the Naim App, and also the embedded Qobuz link.
So, for me, I’m checking out other options now.


That is no issiue for me. I already know that.
When tidal is working, i’am fine.

Tidal is working for now on the 272 but dont count on this in the future.

When Tidal goes bankrupt nobody have it.
There are so many things that can stop functionality.
But a HDX or a unityserve als works even a NS01.
Upnp and internal dac wil still work then.
I want a cheap pre streamer and the 272 it is.
Let’s hope more people will be afraid the cheaper it gets for me.

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Dont get me wrong I love the 272 and have one myself but the past year or so Tidal make a change and Naim play catch up, one day this catch up wont happen.

Then just add a streamer to it. The streamer is nothing extraordinary ordinary in it. I cannot hear a difference between that and a Chromecast audio.

To be fair to Naim, Tidal made the change without warning and Naim reacted pretty quickly once it became apparent that there was a problem, persuading Tidal to redirect Naim BridgeCo streamer connections to servers that worked properly.


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Future support for Tidal and support for other streaming platforms that aren’t supported:
In most cases, this can be achieved by running applications on a NAS or a small headless PC or Mac mini.

In terms of a PSU to power the 272, I was able to find a s/h 555DR for not much more than a new XPS DR. Also note that the 555DR has a 15 year recommended recap cycle compared to the XPS DR 10 year recommended recap cycle, so buying the 555 s/h isn’t so much of a penalty.

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Please note I’m not knocking the product and I know its Tidal who make the change.

I use a Node 2i feeding my 272 for Qobuz streaming and love it.



I bought myself an demo 272 and a 300 non dr.
I must say, Wauw!!!
Only played for 15 min.

Now you need that 555 power supply.