Supernait used

I maybe can buy a 2011 secondhand one for 1200 euro’s.
Is this a fair price and what things more should I consider? Would this be a upgrade SQ wise of the Atom?

Thanks Piet

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Would you keep the Atom?

Yes for sure, but have an attic where I listen to music sometimes and the living room where both my wife and I enjoy music, mostly streaming!
So I am looking for a second system!

2011 means that it is 10 years old, it starts to make sense to think about a service. I’ve the SN1 from 2007 and it’s time for service too but still sounds great. The SN1 can drive most loudspeakers, it’s not too refined. A hicap dr would transition it in a high end system.

What source do you have?
Oh, Piet sounds awfully Dutch.

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You know the Supernait doesn’t include a streamer?

Guilty as charged about being Dutch!
Possible sources: cassette deck, minidisk player, cd player, and perhaps looking for a streamer in the long run if I go this way ! Still contemplating between this or a superuniti though!

The SuperUniti is a streamer of course and it has a better DAC than the Supernait. I think it’s a better buy, but then I have two of them so would think that, and I haven’t heard a Supernait 1 myself.

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Yes I know, so perhaps buy a streamer for that in the future!

A SuperNait is a different beast from an Atom, you’d need a source of commensurate level. And the DAC is the weakest part, so you’re looking at a decent streamer to match what the Atom offers.

I enjoyed my time with an SN1, but I did not use the internal DAC. Instead, my source was an nDAC fed from a CD5XS. That combo outperformed the Atom I use in my office, at least to my ears, albeit using different speakers. But to really get the SN1 to sing, I found, it needed a HiCap, preferably DR. And you can probably land a SN2 for the cost of SN1 plus HC.


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