SuperNait1 documentation - AV Bypass / Unity Gain mode

I thought I had documentation on how to set my SuperNait1 to HT/AV Bypass / Unity Gain mode. However the only documentation I have is the Naim “Amplifiers Reference Manual” Issues 4 & 5 which only offers a couple of pages on each model, and there is no reference to this mode on the SuperNait pages.

Currently when I switch to AV input, the volume control does switch to Unity Gain, so all good, but I seemed to remember it could be switched in and out of this mode.

Does anyone have any additional PDF documentation, or clarify how Unity Gain works on the SN1?

Thanks from Australia

Richard, you’ll find this information in the Pre-amplifier and Integrated Operation section of the manual.

28.2 AV Integration (Unity Gain)

unity Gain enables an audio-visual processor to be integrated such that its volume control takes over command of signals connected to selected preamplifier inputs. On the NAC 552 Unity Gain may be selected on DIN input sockets 4 and 5. On all other preamplifiers it may be selected on only the av input.

To select Unity Gain, first switch the preamplifier into program mode by pressing and holding the handset prog key (with the handset in preamplifier mode). The front panel source mute button (NAC 202 mute button, NAC 152 XS and Nait 5i av button) will illuminate if Unity Gain
is selected. If it is not enabled it can be switched on by pressing the same button twice.

note: Unity Gain (AV Bypass) on the Nait XS is not engaged in program mode but via a rear panel switch.

With Unity Gain enabled on the NAC 552, pressing the source mute button again will reveal the inputs selected by their indicators illuminating for a short time. Repeated operation of the button will sequentially select each combination of the available inputs, and Unity Gain disabled. When the desired inputs are indicated, stop pressing the button. The selected inputs will then be enabled for Unity Gain. The handset can also be used to select Unity Gain. See table 28.10.

Unity Gain only becomes operational on exit from program mode by pressing and holding the handset prog key.

note: The preamplifier will leave program mode automatically if no control commands are receved for five minutes.

Argh, I new I found it somewhere previously! This time I only looked in the SuperNait section - I’ll have to remember to look through the WHOLE document next time. And I thought I had text searched.

Thanks for the assist, I’m sorted now.

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