Supernait2 and blue ray

Blue ray discs, obviously, have to be played on a blue ray disc player. Got that.

What I’m looking for help with is: could I connect a blue ray player to my SN2 in order to be able to listen to, for example, one of the blue ray audio discs from the Sgt. Pepper box set? Or, does the blue ray have to be connected to a monitor in order to be able to select options and play it? Could I just pop in a disc, hit play and get the blue ray stereo version of what was on the disc?


The BRP must have an analogue output to play directly on SN2
My Sony has RCA analogue output, but as I only use it for video its only HMDI connected to the TV. However TV is optically (Toslink) connected to NDX so I get sound from Naim when watching BR & DVD discs

Ref hitting play, if there is a menu then you’d have to navigate that to select what to play. Also you will need a method of outputting stereo rather than surround format. Our Blu-ray player has only hdmi output so has to connect to a receiver. I don’t know of any dacs with hdmi input.
Ref the last … just did a search and there are plenty of hdmi > dvi or vga converter boxes for not much money that often include line out as well.

Most of the time, BD music discs will have a top menu which can only be navigated on a tv set / monitor.
It’s very annoying to say the least…

I have a number of bd music discs, but they are rather cumbersome to use because of the above.
HiRes Audio is muc, much easier…

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