Supernait2 + Hicap DR issue ……

I just bought Hicap DR, In order to upgrade Supernait2.

And I found only a five-pin cable in the box.

Where can I buy another four-pin cable?

Your Naim dealer can supply a SNAIC4. Whatever you do, be sure to purchased only a genuine NAIM SNAIC (See FAQ for more info here).


Thank you very much, I thought this line was included in the Hicap box. It seems that I was wrong. :joy:

The HICAP comes with a SNAIC5, as that’s all you need in most applications. It’s only when powering an integrated amp that you also need the additional SNAIC4, as this usually comes as standard with a separate power amp.


Thank you ! Richard, I have purchased one [Naim SNAIC Interconnect - 4 to 4 Pin DIN] from soundstage :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Let us know how you get on. I added a HiCap to my SN2 recently and loving it!


Of course, I’m just waiting for the cable I bought to arrive.

Thank you ~!:kissing_heart:

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