Supernait2 speakers recommendation

Hi, I have recently got a supernait2. Was wondering what will be the best speakers recommendation. I wanted the old olive kind of dynamic sound. Any suggestions?

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Welcome @Tadgoh!
You are about to get flooded with recommendations for that great Integrated. First, though, it would be helpful to know whether you’re looking for standmounts or floorstanders; what’s the space (size) they’re going in; what’s your budget; what kind of music do you mostly listen to?

I’ll throw in my two-cents here and would highly recommend Harbeth for a standmounted speaker (the C7ES-3 or Super HL5+ with Skylan or Sound Anchor stands). Many feel their sonic signature leans toward laid-back, but I’ll be an outlier here and say they can be quite dynamic. In essence they do a lot more than just midrange magic and can rock when need be. A bonus is that they excel with not just tube gear, but pair exceptionally well with Naim.

For floorstanders (well, with a standmount thrown in there) I would say without question most anything in the ProAc range (the D2R for standmount and the D20R or D30R, especially). Fun, dynamic, and are image-masters if that’s your thing.

Lastly I would unabashedly tout another super-dynamic contender in the Spendor D7 or D9 models. I just recently purchased the D7 and after 250 hours in I am just absolutely gobsmacked with what this speaker does musically. I’ve never quite experienced anything remotely like it. The downside is that it goes through a bit of a personality disorder within this timeframe, but it comes on strong (and on song) and literally takes my breath away with each listening session. I just laugh to myself when an album ends; and it hasn’t mattered what program material it’s played. It’s a truth-teller and music-making dynamo.

Anyway, I hope this helps you somewhat. All these might very well be forgotten by the time this thread really expands, but I can say with certitute these would all play well with the SN2. Good luck!


ive used neat motive sx3 which was a great musical speaker but got a little unruly at high vols. Now using dynaudio evoke 10 which is a more meatier sound and seems to love loud and quiet. tried pmc gb1i not to my taste, bass seemed detached in my room. Then of course hicap DR…

It’s pointless considering a speaker until you try it in your room and find a dealer who will let you do this.

The biggest change here was swapping speakers around from one room to another… Audiovector at 1/3 price of ovator s400 work far better in one room more than the other. (Incidentally with Supernait 2) Ripcaster (Oxfordshire) now do audiovector and he’s a lovely dealer

Probably the biggest change and improvement in my buying of stereo equipment in 40 years!

Currently running a pair of ProAc D30RS with my SN 2. I have also had a pair of ProAc D2’s and Ovator S 400 speakers with the SN 2. All were excellent speakers but do find that ProAc and Naim are a great match. My room, my system with my ears.

A in-store demo and home demo are recommended. Good luck with your search and decision.

Very difficult to recommend as others have said. Speakers have the most dramatic impact on overall sound. I discovered this many years ago when I auditioned my first “proper” hi-fi speakers. Amazing how different brands can sound and impact the music. That said Dynaudio would be top of my list. I have a 20 year old pair of Audience 50’s on my SN1 and they really deliver especially since I upgraded to WitchHat Phantom cables.

Harbeth HL5 was one of the speakers I shortlisted. Just looking for the perfect combination.

I don’t know if this helps the OP, but I’m using an SN2 (with a preamp PS) to drive a pair of Kef R107’s. They were made in 1990, but they’ve been brilliantly refurbished by my local, very talented, speaker guy, and the SN2 makes them sound fabulous.
I’ve driven the Kefs with an Ayre amp, a Bryston ST amp, a 350 wpc Adcom amp, and a Naim CB 250; but the SN2 makes them sound the best they ever have.
So, I wouldn’t doubt that your SN2 will make a lot of speakers sound good.

Personally, I would buy pre-owned speakers. It’s much more cost effective, and you can always move them on if you really don’t like them. You can interpret a lot from reviews and other members experiences, and you will need to sound-correct your room no matter which speakers you buy.
Best of luck with whatever you choose.


a bit different direction from my side

actually I use spendor bc2 in combination with sn3
first in a 4x4m room
now in 4x8m room size

I have experienced harbeth m30 a d ls50 kef as well
but to my ears the bc2 is a winner - sounds so good on low to med. power

Er, stand mounts, floor standers , how big is your room and what is your budget?

Best wishes

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I have Totem Forest Signatures with my SN2. They’re keepers for me.

I use Totem Tribe Towers with my SN2 with great results.

Thanks for all those input. Regarding abt the price range I will keep it realistic ard $5000us. My room is ard 4x4m not a big one. Definitely a bookshelf speakers will fit in nicely.

Some ATC ! You should hear it ! They are well appreciated for many ! Worth a listening session !

The ProAc D2R (stand mounted) and D20R (floor stander) could fit within that budget, if you have a ProAc dealer close by then see if you can arrange a demo.

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