Supernait2 to olive supercap

Hi all, I’m using a NDX / supernait2 , I have a 52/supercap in storage can the olive supercap be used on the supernait2 , curious as I have it already and the snaic 5/5and 4/4. Thanks

Yes, no problem. Connect it up just as you would a Hicap.

Thank you Richard. :+1:

Why not use the SN as a power amp and get the 52 working again too?


I’m happy enough with what I have , just the lockdown and being stuck in , got me thinking. :grinning:

I agree with Svetty, it seems a shame to waste a 52 that could be in use. I would hook it up with the Supercap, and run the Supernait as a power amp only.

I’ve just dismantled the 52/135 system and downsizing.

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