Supernait3 and AirPlay - streamer?

Good morning guys,
I am just new with Naim and all the Hi-Fi topics and therefore very interested when not even understand half of the for me complex subject.

Due I am owner of a SN3 now bought a rega planar 6 I now want to move on by getting an upgrade for streaming from apple, Tidal etc.

I don’t want to spend a lot but want to get higher quality. What is the best starter kit before moving on to an Naim streamer.

Is there anything less €1.000 for just to plug&play with my SN3?

Thanks a lot and have a nice week,

… and even better would be a combination of streamer & CD player if there is any „good“ possibility. :thinking:

Blue sound Node springs to mind at the price you are suggesting


Bluesound Node generation 3 is the latest incarnation is well priced. Many Naim forum owners have the Bluesound Node and are happy with it.

A Naim streamer starting with the ND5X2 is going to cost quite a bit more.


I think Technics and Leema have such beasts , but they cost about the same as the ND5XS2 , I think Arcam had such a machine that did both, but it is not showing on their current products

Arcam CDS50 fits the bill and plays SACDs too.
Node ideal if you want streaming only and the Bluos app is better in my experience.

Bluesound node is an easy recommend in this price bracket. Good interface, Roon endpoint, MQA for tidal, airplay etc. sounds fine using the internal dac but can also be easily upgraded down the line adding an external dac. I’ve been very happy with mine…


I have the blusound node 2i the SMS200 ultra and recently IFi zen stream. The only all in one with a dac is the Bluesound, is very stable has a good app with a lot of services, never had a crash with it. The dac is ok.

If you have a dac the IFi zen stream has a better sound as a transport than the node, but the software is based on volumio and not a very good experience, as a roon endpoint exclusive mode sounds wonderful and a better power supply makes this streamer very interesting as a roon endpoint.

The SMS200 ultra with the sps500 is all about detail and impressive but you can only run a service at a time.

So the Bluesound is an amazing stable do all streamer, it does support MQA And the new node also supports external dac by usb.

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Bluesound Node or Cambrige Audio CXN V2

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