SuperUniti advice: stream Tidal natively or through Roon?

Eagerly awaiting delivery of my (for me) new SuperUniti I keep coming up with new questions.

At my office I simply stream Tidal from my ethernet-connected UnitiQute and I like the simplicity of that. One box, done. I am happy with the Naim app UI, and SQ wise I don’t seem to missing anything compared to the home system with Roon/Tidal, but of course I have no direct comparison.

At home, I have a PC with Roon core and a Sonore UltraRendu with UpTone linear power supply LPS-1 from the (soon to be) previous system. I was planning to simplify my home system to an ethernet-connected one-box approach, when I (finally) get the SuperUniti. Now, as usual, I am second-guessing my plan.

So, before I sell off the Roon PC and the UltraRendu, I wanted to see what the opinions are on SQ with SuperUniti natively streaming Tidal versus Roon playback of Tidal.

Many have said the quality of Tidal was somewhat lacking on the old streaming platform and found using other servers to feed Tidal was better , some use Roon, others mconnect or bubbleupnp only you can compare and decide. The Roon app is ok but if you like what Roon does it’s no match to it functionality wise.

Thanks! The decision will only be between native Tidal or Roon/Tidal. Not going down any other rabbit holes :wink:

When Naim first added Tidal support I had a Superuniti, and it sounded OK, but not up to the standard of local UPnP streams. With later firmware versions I found the gap narrowed quite a bit so I would make sure yours is up to date. The latest version is 4.7.

What I found with Roon is that Tidal sounds the same as a local stream. So perhaps you should keep Roon running for now. As the Superuniti does not have native Roon support, you will still need a workaround for this. You could probably just use a Sonore UPnP Bridge if you intend to sell the Ultra Rendu.

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Interesting, cost effective thought, thanks Chris. I will start by selling on the UltraRendu then, keep the Roon Core PC, find a used UpnP Bridge (or, against my policy, but a new one) and compare. Roon subscription is good until May, so plenty of time.

There are also ways to use Roon via a UPnP bridge in software with LMS, so potentially free if you already have suitable hardware to run it. More of a faff to set up than the Sonore, but there are a few here who use it with 1st gen. Naim streamers.

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Aha. LMS stands for Logitech Media Server, fka as Squeezebox Server, right? What would I do w/o search engines.
According to the Wiki, it should run on “pretty much any platform”. Probably won’t do that, too nerdy for me :joy:

I much prefer the bubbleapp Tidal to native Tidal on my SU. I’d give the roon option a try if you can.

If I were you I’d just blow £200 on the plug & play UPnP Bridge, but I guess I’m just lazy.

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Same here. No interest in software fiddling. I will find and buy the Bridge.

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