Superuniti and 1028be 2 What cables?

Hi, got Naca5 and thinking to make system more round, more bass, more musical. Thought about chord epic twin or tellurium q black 2. Or others in this price range. Regards

Stick with the NACA5 in my opinion. I went from epic to NACA5.
You cannot fault the stuff! :+1:t2:

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Really depends on the speakers in my experience. Can you ask a dealer to lend you some to try?

While speaker cables will change the sound a bit, it sounds as though you may be after a genuine uplift in quality - if that’s what you mean by more musical. Compare some cables by all means but I suspect that improving your electronics is really the way to go. That may not be possible of course and in that case looking at cables may be worthwhile, but you should expect different rather than comprehensively better.


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