Superuniti and Tidal MQA

Please forgive me if this gets asked all the time, but…

How can I get the best Superuniti sound out of the Master quality MQAs that Tidal now provides for my Win10 laptop and (recently) my ipads and iphone?

Letting the iPad play and connecting through the iOS Tidal app using bluetooth does work, and connects nicely with my Superuniti - the title can be seen in the app and on the front screen, pleasingly - and is very convenient, but sounds worse than the CD-quality streaming I have always been able to do which doesn’t involve bluetooth.

Hi Paninaro,

I expect someone will come along soon with a better answer, but I tried Tidal MQA using my laptop and an MQA compatible DAC an Audioquest Red, then played the output from the ‘Red’ through an analogue input on my superuniti.

I thought the effect in sound quality to be worth it, but this approach lacked the convenience of the iPad “all in one place” control over the superuniti. I do prefer the Tidal experience through a laptop, it seems to be more sophisticated.

Adding to the good answer of roog: the aq black is doing 90% of the aq red and is a great dac. For EUR 100 new. Don’t forget a good cable.

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