SuperUniti and Totem Tribe?

Anyone have been trying those two together?

I don’t find much on the forum or the web.

I guess the 4ohms can be handled by the amp right?
(Look like it would output around 120 to 135 watt. Depending of the web site)

And about SQ, without being the perfect ultimate match, the SU is enough of a good amp you think?

(I might go for a demo but it would be a nice 10hrs drive total :grimacing:)


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I don’t have the Tribes but have heard them and they are very good. I run Totem Hawks on a Nova (the replacement of the Uniti) and very much enjoy that matching, so I would expect the Tribes to be fine. Although the room interaction is always a consideration. The Tribes will also take quite a bit more in the Naim range, so you will be future-proofed!

The Hawks are now discontinued, but of you could find a pair, well, they have a certain special character that is very appealing.

Good luck.

SuperUniti handles 4 ohm loads no problem. We bought Sonus Faber Sonetto iii when we had SU.

Obviously a 250DR then 300DR really brought speakers to life, but a SU will have no problems driving that load. You might find clarity falls off at high volume.

Thanks for the info.
I’m also having my eyes on a pair of white Hawks.
But like the Tribe (black this time) they will need to pass the lady taste test. She’s really into the wood speakers… (me too usually)

I guess my strategy should be to show some big black SF Venere 3 first. Then come back with little Tribe or Hawk after as a compromise. :slight_smile:

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Great! Glad to hear that.

Ha ha, it work for me, though it was Focal Kansas I put up as the sacrificial flag.

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I have a SN2 and had the Totem Tribe Towers for a few years. No problems! The Naim 80 watts can drive them easily.


SN3 and Totem tribe towers for me and very happy with them


Crap. Just saw a review of the seller who is relating to the integrity of the person.
Broken dream…. I’m not going there. :sob::sob::sob:

Still, big thanks all for sharing your knowledge and experience!

Speaker hunt season is on again. :wink:
Or is it just never ending??? :joy:

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At least you caught it before you had a potentially bad buying experience. Hope you find your dream speaker eventually


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