Superuniti and two pairs of ceiling speakers

Hi All - I have an old Superuniti that I’m using to power a pair of Monitor Audio C265 ceiling speakers in a bedroom. To be honest I think the Superuniti completely out classes the speakers, but it was spare and links to my other Naim kit, so made sense to me.

I’ve also got a pair of Monitor Audio C265 AWS ceiling speakers in the en-suite to the bedroom that aren’t yet hooked up to anything.

I was thinking about buying a used NAP 100 to power the en-suite speakers, but it seems like a waste of a NAP 100.

So, can you good people tell me if I can connect both pairs of speakers to the Superuniti please? I think the Superuniti is 22 ohms and the speakers 6 ohms. Does this mean I need to connect in parallel or series?

Any help much appreciated.

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