Superuniti and what speakers

Hi. I use SU together with Audiovector SR3 Super and NAC a5 cables. What I would like to have is a sound with more bass. I was trying to position speakers in various places but still not enough bass for me. Could you please let me know what speakers will do. In similar price range to AV Sr3.
Thank you

What size room do you have? Do you want floorstanders again like your Audiovectors? Are you able to have speakers away from the wall or do they need to be close?
If you want standmounts then have a think about the Dynaudio Special 40’s. If it is floorstanders then have a look at the PMC twenty5.23’s. Both of these are in the same price range and have excellent bass. Best wishes

The Audiovectors are fine speakers, probably too fine for the SU. You might like to try a 272/250DR in its place. If you really want to change speakers, the PMCs suggested by crispyduck would be a good choice. I used their predecessor twenty.23 when I had a SU.

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Room is around 25sqm open for kitchen, L shape. With kitchen around 33sqm. Speakers are at the wall which is 4m long and can be place max 50cm from the wall. It doesn’t have to be floorstanding speaker, but I had aria 906 and it wasn’t good much in terms of mid and heights.

Thanks for that. I still think that the Dynaudio’s and the PMC’s should be on your audition list

I should add that the PMC’s are happy to be up to 30cm from the wall but the Dynaudio’s will need more space

Exactly. And if you try to chase bass, (with another brand like i.e.PMC ; that i love)
you’ll probably miss some open sound from the great Danish tweeters.
And all this in interaction with your room. Do a home demo previously .

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