Superuniti - antenna - WiFi or BT?

For anyone who has an SU:
I’ve only got one antenna it seems (can’t find the other!) so I don’t know if the one I have is the BT one or the WiFi one…apparently the BT one is shorter.

The one I have is 4"/10cm including the screw mount base…so tip to tail. Would someone be kind enough to advise which I have? Thanks in advance.

That sounds like the WiFi one to me. But I’m not 100% sure as my SuperUnitis don’t have Bluetooth and I don’t use WiFi with them either so their antenna are not on the units.

You can try comparing antenna length to case size using the photo as a guide.
Wifi is longer than case, BT looks same/shorter


The Bluetooth one seems to be more pointy… :point_up:

Thanks - from the picture it would appear that I have the WiFi one - which makes sense as I can’t recall ever using the BT one, but at one point did try WiFi prior to being able to connect via eth.

Funny thing though…in looking at that picture I can’t recall ever even seeing a pointy little antenna in my kit (likely my degrading memory…?).

edit: Well that picture got me thinking…and actually looking at that spot on the back of my SU. No BT connection there!! So that must have been something added in a later version of the SU?

If that’s the case, then if I want to stream (say) Amazon Music to the SU, I’ll need to add a Bluesound or McIntosh MB20 transceiver to it and run optical from that to the SU.

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Yes, the SuperUniti gained BT later on in life. Early ones did not have BT.

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SuperUniti is such a neat bit of kit, all that I/O and flexibility, its a shame that Naim chose to delete this from the current Uniti range.

is that not the nova?

Yes quite so. The Nova is basically a very updated SuperUniti.

Yes my post wasn’t clear, I meant that when Naim launched the Nova, the replacement for the SuperUniti, they omitted a few of the useful features which were included in the SU from the newer Nova, like digital out, being able to turn off the internal amp, the comprehensive front panel controls.

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