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Hi is the SU still worth purchasing or is now a bit dated?I love having a one box system now but want to move up from the Uniti2 as I no longer play cds, so hoping it would be a step up in sound performance, I will be keeping my N Sats all advice appreciated, cheers

I have a SU and love it. The problem is that the streaming side is similarly dated. Mine is driving Harbeth P3ESRs and is good at moderate to high volumes. If the SU is reasonably priced and you can sell your Uniti it might make sense, but I suspect a NAP on the uniti or a trade up to one of the current Uniti series might be a better investment.

I have a SuperUniti as my office system. Still a very good sounding amplifier. Was serviced 2020.

I mainly play music from NAS with a little bit of internet radio. It’s not cabled but doesn’t suffer from dropouts, WIFI no issue. I don’t use any steaming services via SU.

Whether it makes sense for you depends on what you need. If you want the latest streaming services might make sense to look at the newer platform hardware. There are already HQ internet radio streams a SU can’t handle.


Thank you I only use Spotify and possibly Tidal in the near future,might also adding a nas or unitiserve cheers

The Superuniti is pretty much identical to your Uniti in terms of features etc. so you should already have a good idea of what you’re getting. The big difference is the beefier power amp.
You should make sure it’s on firmware version 4.7 especially if you use Tidal which will work better on this latest version.

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I had Superuniti with n sats, lovely system especially at current prices.


Do you think the Superuniti will be a upgrade from the uniti 2 or a side step? Also concerned the unit might not be able to be updated in the near future with Spotify etc

The SuperUniti has a much better DAC than the Uniti 2, so it’s not just a better more powerful amplifier.




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