Superuniti connection issues

Here we go again…more IT issues lol!
Okay brought a Superuniti a couple of weeks back and set it up playing wirelessly over my Google mesh network.
Several folks on here said if possible it’s best to hard wire the player to the internet…so I ordered a three metre patch cable and today it arrived.
The house is networked so I connected the uniti up to the wall plate and switched on.
It found the network okay and so I grabbed my phone to play a bit of tidal but with a wired connection I just get the message ‘cannot find rooms’.
Internet radio works fine off the units front panel so it IS connected to the router via the house network…but the Naim App obviously isn’t finding it via the wireless Google network.
Pull out the ethernet cable and restart all is once again fine.
So somehow my phone app can’t link to it…how very odd.
Any ideas guys before I put a call in to Naim HQ???
Cheers. Gaz

It must be because your SuperUniti is connected to a separate network to the WiFi.

To check, you could download an app like Net Analyzer and see whether the SuperUniti is showing on the network at all.

The only other thing I can think of is that The Naim app remembers the IP address of your streamers and maybe you need to refresh that. Stopping the app and restarting it would normally sort that out.



The Google mesh is plugged into the main router via its primary ‘pod’ and the mesh network (WiFi 1) is what more or less all my devices are connected to… including my phone. So I just don’t understand if the wireless network in running off one of the routers RJ45 input sockets and the Superuniti is effectively plugged into the adjacent socket of the router (via the home Cat5e network) surely they just ‘talk’ via the router!?
This seems a bit nuts to me. I can’t change what the app works through…it’s Wireless.
So the streamer sees the router okay (proved by Iradio working) and my phone sees the router (via the Google mesh) but they somehow can’t see eachother!?!?


I did this…

The primary Google ‘Pod’ is located next to (and obviously connected to) the router. Each pod has a pair of RJ45 sockets so I just plugged the other end of the Cat5e cable (from our bedroom) straight into the the spare pod socket.

Switched everything back on and all is good. :grin::+1:

So slightly nuts as all I can see I’ve done is take the router out of the equation.

Anyway it works and actually does sound better…or an I imagining it lol?? No seriously it does sound somehow more ‘solid’

Absolutely pleased as a man with two dicks with the Superuniti. My 1200 CD collection (well those available on Tidal…so about 80%) are going into robust plastic packing crates and up into the loft!

I can’t get rid…just in case of a global Armageddon taking Tidal out!!

Consider this closed unless there’s an IT consultant out there that can fully explain the above lol.

Cheers Gaz

Hi Gaz
I’m glad you got it working. I think your Google network is established as a separate network and if you were to look at subnet addresses etc you would find they were different between the SuperUniti plugged into your main router and everything else that lives on your Google network. The fact it works after you moved the cable to the other socket kind of proves that.

And yes the SuperUniti is excellent. I have two of them myself. I’m glad you can relax into the music now.



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Thanks David.
Yeah…my main system has an ND5XS with a Supernait 2 and frankly I’m wondering now if I could have saved some cash and brought a Superuniti instead ha ha.
For a bedroom set-up (with a pair of AE1’s on stands) it absolutely rocks. Sixteen hundred quid for the Superuniti BT (almost a 2017 model…just a few days inside 2016 on the serial number) so got the latest one owner unit I could find. £400 for a lovely pair of near mint AE1’s (Inc stands) off pinkfish last year…it all works shockingly well.
I guess it’s not good business for Naim as no upgrades necessary (power supplies etc)!
Not surprised you have two…I’m thinking maybe one in the kitchen now ha ha :laughing:

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