Superuniti + Dali Epicon 2 or Nait XS + Dali Rubicon 2

Simple Question:
Will Nait XS or Superuniti properly drive Dali Epicon 2 ?

I will upgrade sooner or later and I want to know what to concentrate on.
I am using Nait XS with Unitiqute and Dali Opticon 2 speakers now. Love Dali sound with Naim. I listen to rock, hard rock, electronic, no audiophile recordings. Almost never loud. I play Flac files from usb stick and listen to 320kb iRadio - only 2 sources I use. I don’t use streaming option.

I want to replace Unitiqute with ND5XS and Dali Opticon 2 with Rubicon 2 or Epicon 2 (maybe get Superuniti for them) . Second hand only. I know XS will drive Rubicons but I am afraid that Epicons need much more expensive electronics - am I right? Anyway, I have a few options

1. Dali Rubicon 2 with XS + ND5XS.

2. Dali Epicon 2 with XS + ND5XS (or Superuniti).

I also owned old Dali Grand Coupe, which were fantastic, but not for rock music or poor recordings (not very dynamic with really dark sound signature). Hence my question about Epicons. Maybe cheaper Rubicons will suit my music taste better. At the moment I cannot compare them but maybe will have a chance in July. But I would really appreciate Your advice, taking into account the music I listen.

Thank You

Your thought that the Epicons need, or perhaps deserve, more expensive electronics is very likely right. None of the boxes you mention are really appropriate and I suspect you should be looking at something like an NDX2, 282 Hicap and 250. On the other hand, an ND5 and your Nait XS, coupled with the Rubicon 2, sounds like a nicely balanced setup.

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Thank you. I guess you are right. I won’t spend much on new electronics. I don’t want and need anything “better” than Superuniti or Nova in studio flat.

Any experience comparing Dali Opticon 2,5 with Rubicon 2 or 5 ?

I’ve never heard a Dali speaker in my life. My suggestions are based on basis system building and balance. If you are thinking of an ND5XS there is no need for the Superuniti. It’s either ND/Nait or SU. If you want the newer streaming platform it’s a choice of ND5XS2/Nait or Uniti Nova.

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kszysiu – where do you live? What speakers are available in your country? With Naim electronics, the likes of PMC, Proac and Kudos are rather popular, to name a few. Dali isn’t really mentioned in this forum, even though they are readily available in the UK. This might imply that Dali and Naim don’t gel easily for most people using Naim… Just my thoughts…

that’s a pretty assertive assumption.
Did you already hear for yourself? did you try any of Dali speakers with any of Naim gears?
Because a brand is less mentioned on this forum does not necessarily means that it ain’t a good match with naim.
I personnally own a pair of Dali menuet latest version that plays very nicely with my Atom as my main system before moving to my office to mate with a 2nd Atom there. Very enjoyable, very natural sounding even though there is no thunderous-wall shaking bass from a system that tiny. Plenty of gusto nonetheless.
I also had a chance to host a pair of Rubicon 2 with a UQ2/DAC V1 and NAP-100 combo long-gone now, even more entertaining to my ears. Speakers are easy to live with, unfussy as regarding placement and that are not hugely demanding from the amp, but will follow through willingly if provided with good wattage and quality power-supply. Those are Dali’s trademark.

I’m pretty sure, there are some here on the forum who own or once owned Dali or many other speakers brands different from the ones frequently mentioned here and who’ll be more than happy to give you some more insights.
So I’d be careful with such assertive claims because speakers choice is something very personal, just a matter of taste.

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Well, re-read my post carefully before you make any claim about me being assertive… Personally, I don’t feel I need to be “careful”, but I think you have to watch your tone when posting here…

Stay calm please :slight_smile:
I’ve chosen Dali, because of the sound characteristic. Dali speakers (at least the new series) have really distinctive sound signature, so called “house sound”. Spacious, airy, extremely pleasant and forgiving, a bit bright at times but never bass boomy. They aren’t fussy with placement or amplification and do go well with Naim. I would really prefer other brands speakers - local projects, different look, etc. But only Dali keeps me connected to music with their “fun” sound. I’ve tried PMC,s, KEF, PSB, Chario, Castle, Dynaudio and many others with, more or less 1-1,5k price tag but I’never been fully satisfied. They’ve bettered Dali’s in some aspects but didn’t possess that unique characteristic that makes my music sound so pleasant and enjoyable. I agree with What hifi? reviews of Dali speakers - when you listen to them , you forget about the boxes and focus on music. Starting from their entry level Zensor series.

In conclusion: I’ve chosen Dali because of their spacious, airy and pleasant presentation, unfussy nature and ability to sound great even with hard and heavy music. Unique Sound.

Thank you for your replies. Decided to get Rubicon 2 or 5 and Naim ND5XS with my XS and Flatcap.

PS: Location: Poland

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What HiFi often pair DALI with Naim… they did it with Opticon 2 and Rubicon 2 as well in the recommended section below the review. They also matched Naim with Triangle. There is an Alan Sircoms’ review of Audiovector QR3 and let’s not forget Focal, and since you have mentioned Kudos, there is Neat. Harbeth… I have listened Dynaudio Special 40, and the new Bowers 700 series and they are good as well. I have never tried but I suppose it will match good with Q acoustics since the designer is the same person who had designed the Ovators. Then there is Stereophile review paired with LS50 from KEF, and what about Spendors? I pair my Naim with the Focal, but I have realized Focal’s philosophy and now I will try the floorstanders or REL sub to fill the sound. I’ve also heard Naim with Ryan speakers from USA and that is a good match. Shahininan… so there is a bunch of speakers brands…

Try Focal Aria 926 - they are physically big but not so deep in bass as they looks - and they are good with positioning since they have front firing port and, I suppose, they are designed to be close to the walls. That’s very clever and wise design from Focal since most of the people don’t have a room just for stereo or can not pull the speaker to 1/3 of the room what would be ideal.

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DALIs are affected if there is anything large between them such as TV, rack or similar and they require not to be toe-in.

I’ve heard Epicon 2 and Epicon 6. Terrific speakers, deserving everything you can throw at them in terms of black boxes. The sound signature is similar to Dynaudio from my limited experience, however where any Dyn sounds good, you really need to go up the ladder on Dali to get the same experience. Dali entries like Senzor and alike sound simple and cheap.

I would go for SU + Rubicon. Epicons deserve at least 252 level electronics.

FWIW, I use a Naim Uniti Star with excellent results on a pair of Dynaudio Contour 20s. I also own a pair of Dali Concept 1s, which for the $240 I paid sound great, of course on the levels of price to expectations/performance ratios. Haven’t heard the Epicons, but I’d think a Nova would match well. SuperNait2 & ND5 XS2 combo could be nice too.

Hi, I have some Dali epicon 2’s connected to a naim supernait 1 with Tq ultra black cable and they sound fantastic. I like similar music to you and usually play quietly due to neighbours and even at low volume the epicon 2’s have added to my music enjoyment. My music source is a naim CD 5 and also I have a Nativ music streamer connected to the SN. When I was considering Dali speakers I emailed Dali about the potential match up with my naim and they replied that they (Dali) often showcase their speakers with naim equipment. Therefore if Dali are happy with the match up then you probably will be as well? Definitely recommend the 2’s though.

My Nova and Rubicon 2 combo is so sweet sounding, I’ve been in “my idea” of audio heaven for the last coming up to two years with no desire to change a thing. These are a perfect pairing in my opinion; A spacious almost 3 dimensional sound. Plenty of base but not too much, crystal clear separated highs, warm out front mids… I hope it gives me years of enjoyment. I upgraded from a UQ2 PSB Imagine combo, the difference was night and day x 2


Nice vinyl collection man :sunglasses:


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