Superuniti - dead (?) LEDs front panel - 2 problems

Do you mean the 24/192 boards as opposed to the earlier 24/96 boards which cannot support Tidal etc? If so, you don’t need to worry as the Superuniti was released after the introduction of the 24/192 streaming board. Possibly more worrying would be if Naim support don’t know this!?

HI Chris,
That must be what he mentioned and I have got my numbers mixed up. We didn’t get as far as serials. I never knew there was internal differences just that there was a "mk2 " BT revision which mine doesn’t have.

Spotify defo works for me. Tidal is selectable but I have never tried/subscribed to it.

I guess there is half a chance it may have been updated when it went in for its 2017 warranty repair (failed to power up).

I always feared the formats/connectors would be what killed it off one day. I kind braced myself that might happen and elements of the streaming etc might become redundant. Never expected it to simply mechanically break twice in the first 10 years.

Sorry just reread so your saying ALL Superuniti’s have the boards?

Yes, the older 24/96 boards were discontinued before the release of the Superuniti.

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As Chris says. All SUs have the 24/192 capability.

Also if you can get Tidal on it then that confirms that a Naim streamer has the 24/192 capability built in.

Actually few SUs have BT built in. They were discontinued only about a year or so after the BT version came out.

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Mine does NOT have BT built in, though I’ve now added a Bluesound Node to it…works extremely well and supports a ton of streaming services natively. A bit of a pain to get the app connected to the Node (hint: enable multicast). The Node has a BT transceiver (receives and transmits) built in.

Now, if I can figure out a way to get Qobuz in Canada…

Just a quick update that having dropped my SU off at my local dealer. It did go back to Naim for a screen. Just over 3 weeks and £210 later it’s back.


Just got the email from Naim/Focal Canada to send it in…so packing it up this week and will see!!

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