SuperUniti display died, how is the display upgrade?

Ok I know why it occurred (oled) and I need to send it through a local dealer here in Amsterdam to Naim in England.

My question, will it get the same display that will die in a few years again or will it get an upgraded display?

And when they have my SuperUniti will they give it a good cleanup? Just asking what is included before I shell out a few hundred euros and miss the system for a month or more…


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Suspect that they will change with an upgrade display …and a generally cleanup but ask before directly to Naim

Unless your dealer can persuade Naim to change the display under warranty, then the way it works is that you pay for a service. Naim will repair/replace everything that needs to be done to bring it back to as new working performance. You should check the cost locally but as a guide I had a SuperUniti serviced by Naim recently and it cost me £330 plus the courier charge to get it to Naim from where I live in S England and that was another £30.

I suppose no-one can say how many years the replacement display will last, but I am confident that Naim don’t just fit another of the same as before. For one thing the original display is no longer available!



Naim have a fixed price service scheme under which the item will get a full service of any part that requires it. You might ask your dealer if this arrangement will apply, and what the cost will be. You could also ask if your local distributor can get the screen and fit it for you.

I believe some earlier screens were more prone to failure, so perhaps those in use now have a longer life, but I wouldn’t know for sure.

I had the display always on with the clock, but I guess it was a good idea to change it off permanently except during commands. I was influenced by another user here, who recommended that.

Last year the display on my SuperUniti had some burn-in (I had set the display to stay on showing the time, and after a few years the pixel where the time was displayed were noticeably dimmer).

My local distributor (NA Distributors here in NZ) replaced the display for me. It cost (from memory) a couple of hundred dollars (about 100 pounds). They also replaced the volume knob (which had faded from the black colour it shipped with) as a warranty replacement at no cost.

The display was replaced with one that (to me) looks identical to the original.

The replacement supply Naim uses does look exactly the same from outside the unit.



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