SuperUniti firmware 4.7 - different DSP

Hello everybody,

I just upgraded my SuperUniti firmware from 4.6 to 4.7 and I’m surprised to see the DSP has changed too. I thought DSP remains the same.

But more interesting, the new DSP is 2.56.11 while it was 2.56.19 previously, it’s kind of downgrade of the DSP.
I did a factory reset at the end.

Other Superuniti owners, is it the same for you ?
Do you notice a different SQ ?


There was a lot of back & forth between 2.56.11 & 19 a while back with beta testing. Personally I found it hard to hear a difference, & what there was was not necessarily better or worse, & DSP is not the only thing that affects SQ.
I’ve just changed from a beta with 19 to v4.7 with 2.56.11 & I don’t hear a change.

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ok. thank you for the feedback.

I was surprised to see a different DSP.

But so far I don’t hear any difference

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