Superuniti front panel display dim

Over the past while the front panel display on the SU has gone “dim” (for lack of a better term). Where it used to be quite readable it is now almost not visible at all. The LEDs for the panel buttons are bright, the Naim logo is bright (if I have it on) but the whole front display is dismayingly not.

Any suggestions? I did see a comment somewhere that the LEDs have a limited life though I don’t know why they would.

There are lots of threads about this. The displays can dim with age, due to the type used. You put up with it or send it back to Naim for replacement, which costs about £300 I believe. The general advice is to set the screen to turn off as quickly as possible in order to prolong its life.

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HH as resumed well.
If I where you, I would send the SU for a (complete overhaul ) and change the panel: it’s a beautiful all in one system that deserves a long life.

Sigh - I wish I’d know that when I purchased it - I would happily have turned off the front panel.

I wonder what it costs to ship/overhaul/return from Canada?

I assume Naim offers an “overhaul” service? Is there a link to that?

I would suggest contacting focal naim canada first to see if there are local options for servicing and the costs involved. Contact details are on this page (Canada and US)

Thanks! Will do.

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