Superuniti, how to open or remove the cover case

Hello everyone

Could someone tell me what screws to remove to open or remove the cover case of my Superuniti?
Thank you very much in advance.

If it’s anything like other Naim equipment, it’ll be you need to unscrew the feet and the outer “sleeve” slides off.
Be careful in there and don’t touch anything - I can’t think why you’d want to go delving inside - it’s not as though you could lose a CD puck inside…

As above but some naim kit also has a “latching” bolt in the middle area that has to be loosened off …then the case can be unhooked from the latch and slid off
Not saying yours is like that …but if you have removed the feet and the case is still solid…it might be!

David, I would advise not to try to open the case at all - there are no user serviceable parts inside and lots of things that can be damaged, particularly with ESD, if you don’t take proper precautions.

On a Superuniti it will be more than just the feet as the chassis and case need to mate properly so it can act as a heatsink and also for the thermal protection. You also risk rounding out the hex bolts unless you use quality tools of the exact right size and fit - that will mean back to Naim service where the bolts then need to be very carefully drilled out.

I once had to open a 282 case. I bought it second hand and noticed one of the RCA aux inputs was loose. I needed to use it for phono and was not going to send it off for service just for that. Getting the case open was fairly straightforward. I was hyper-careful once inside, but got things tightened up without incident. I forgot about that until now, because two years ago I had it serviced. If I had remembered I might have put it on the service order for them to double check my work.

Neverthless, I don’t recommend it.

Now I have a SuperCap DR (ca 2018) with a lamp noticeably dimmer than my other five boxes. I’ve asked my dealer about what it would take to address without sending it back to Focal-Naim NA. They are still asking about it but say it’s more involved than they might want to deal with. :frowning:

Thank you to all of you for your advice.
Guess I will have to think that project over again. I bought that device second hand and I always open
my second hand bought hifi gear once I bought them.
Thanks again.

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Are you looking for mice? A wodge of used twenties? A forgotten sandwich?

I once bought a secondhand CD3 at auction. When it arrived there was a very worrying rattling from the inside. I was forced to open it up to inspect what had happened. To my joy out fell a whole bunch of magnetic clamps - plenty of spares should I need them in future.


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