Superuniti - loose electrical connector

I’m just sending my SU in to Focal/Naim in Canada for an LED repair, but also my electrical connector is VERY loose…to the point where the slightest touch can disconnect the unit. Naim says : "If by that you refer to the fact that the AC receptacle is loose, that is normal.
The Ac Input is designed to be loose, in order to mechanically decouple it from the main chassis, so that vibrations are not transmitted to the body of the unit.
All Naim units have that feature."

Does this make sense? Or is mine extra-loose?

They are loose. It’s normal. Not sure what you mean by disconnect the unit. If touching the receptacle makes the unit lose power then something’s wrong.

The IEC socket is indeed only loosely connected to the chassis and it’s wiggly. However, the connection between the IEC plug and the socket should be firm. In any case, touching the plug or socket should definitely not cause it to disconnect in any way.

Are you using a Naim PowerLine cable?

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Yes - am using the PowerLine cable…and it IS a bit of a strange beast. It’s now in the box to the Naim/Focal folks with the SU…so will see if it’s actually a problem…or if the problem is “me”. :slightly_frowning_face: Something that is, of course, always possible.

I always had the feeling it was well-connected as it does take a pretty good push in, but also, a slight touch on the cable itself and the power would go off. Wiggle it back…and back on. Sometimes.

That sounds very much like it wasn’t in properly. This results in arcing snd a light touch of the plug body could “switch” the unit off.

OK - will see when they examine it – if that’s all it is, that would be good news. Push harder!!

I really think the stars are now aligned and it’s talking to you.
It’s time for a Nova, take the step, you deserve it.

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