Superuniti > Mu-So Gen 2 + Rega Planar

Long time Naim user here who converted analog units to a Superuniti some years back. Have not used my Rega Planar 3 in a while…just streaming UPNP, Spotify, Tidal.

In trying to cut down on size (speakers are large and I am a bit cramped for space – too many windows at the lake!!) I thought about swapping for a Mu-So Gen 2. Looking for generic thoughts on whether this is a good idea or a mistake as I can’t demo the unit where I live (rural) prior to actually doing something about it.

Second, I’d like to reconnect with vinyl. I have a Stageline and appropriate cabling, somewhere. Would maintain some of my Fraims to stand things on.

Is this likely to be a worthwhile swap to consider? It would remove some obstacles, wiring etc, but may require some “adjustment” in quality I’d expect.

Had a Uniti 2 that I upgraded to a Nova. Coupled that with a Rega Planar 10 recently. Have a Muso QB in the kitchen. Muso is great, but if you back to back demoed it with your superuniti you would see not so much as a difference as a cavernous difference. I would just swap the large speakers for some small ones that punch above their weight like the Neat Iotas.

I would also continue with the SuperUniti if at all possible. There are remarkable small speaker solutions. Good as the Mu-so 2 is, you enjoy a much higher level of replay.

If you’re going to keep your Fraim and put a turntable on it, you can’t put a Muso on it too, as it’s too big, and the built in speakers will have the stylus bouncing all over the place. So how much soace are you really going to save? I would agree with the suggestion that smaller speakers, possibly wall mounted, would be worth considering.

Thanks! I was indeed concerned about the level of replay…and sort of suspected that the Superuniti, which was considerably more costly than the Mu-So is, might provide far better sound…so I appreciate the comments in that regard.

And, yes, the Mu-So would have to stand on “something” rather bigger…seems like it’s around 2’ x 1’ so the Fraims wouldn’t do the job. And yes, after doing some measuring and thinking with the aid of my spouse ( :heart_eyes:) I probably wouldn’t save a lot of space.

Have been digging around for suitable speakers (wireless or wired, but wall-mountable), but haven’t really found anything so am happily open to recommendations! Still thinking about how to get wireless speakers to even work with the SU. More reading!!

Have a look at the new Totem range, they have smaller bookshelves, floor standers and wall speakers and match well with Naim. I run the more traditional Hawks with a Nova, but smaller speakers should be fine.

There is no wireless output on a Superuniti.
There are an increasing number of active speakers on the market, and some of these include a digital source, so that they can recieve a wireless input signal, making your Superuniti redundant. However, they require a mains power, so you are just replacing ugly speaker cables with ugly mains cables.

Because of a house move, I went from a superuniti with PMC twenty24’s to a Muso 2, yes it is a step down but probably not as much as I was expecting.

Have you looked at PMC Db1, a small speaker that can be wall mounted. I looked at using with the SU but in the end due to room layout, open plan and vaulted ceilings, went with the Muso2 but will be looking at trying the SU with DB1’s when everything is sorted.

You want small speakers? As Dan suggested above, try Neat Iotas. I use mine with a UnitiQute 2 and they are excellent. With a SuperUniti they’d be even better, and heaps better than a mu-so.

I went from a 172/200 to a Muso (1st gen) and yes there was a difference, but it was good enough for my requirements at that time. I wanted to reduce boxes, but equally I wasn’t giving the time to fully listen to music.

Now I still have the Muso (kitchen), a Unitilite in the living room and a set of Ruark active speakers in the bedroom. Strangely the setup that I enjoy the most are the Ruarks!!! I also have vinyl in the shape of a 30+ year old B&O turntable (did have Project) into a Cambridge Audio Duo…these work really well with all the options I have.

If I had to go down to one system…due to space etc, I think I’d go the Ruark route or some other active speaker route.

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