SuperUniti no network

I’m at the end of my tether and also the limit of my IT skills. I’ve unplugged, restarted, rebooted, factory reset etc my SuperUniti but still can’t connect it (either wirelessly or wired) to my router.
The SuperUniti, when hard wired, says ‘no network’. When the wireless option is used after inputting (correctly (I’ve checked!)) the password it says ‘Cant Login’.
It has been connected in the past both wirelessly and wired.
I have a Mu-So which works perfectly both wired (using the same wire as the SuperUniti) and wirelessly.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Thanks x

What work have you done to rule out the router?

I would turn the SU off, turn off the router, leave it a minute or so, turn the router on again and wait until it has fully restarted, then turn on the SuperUniti. Did that help?

Thanks for the feedback guys. Turns out the electrician that made the cable up hadn’t properly crimped the glass ends!

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