Superuniti optical inputs

I have a super uniti which is approximately 4 years old. When I recently had a arrangement of the cables, I found the the outside housing of the 3 optical digital inputs at the rear had split, all three of the housings have split on the bottom edge, functionality is OK and the optical cables are still retained reasonably well. It looks like the plastic has degraded over time, probably caused by the heat in the unit.

Has anybody else experienced this and is it worth getting the unit repaired?

I’ve just had the same at the Samsung One Connect TV box end of the link between this and my NDX 5S…a toothpick cleared the debris

I have a general Q - I seem to have lost the display on both my Unitiqute and the NDX (not totally you can just make out displayed items but very faintly)

Any others with same problem? Solution?


In both cases I would contact your dealer. kend, I’ve never seen this before on any of my Naim kit. Let your dealer take a look.

jbuck, Naim can replace any faded OLED displays. It’s best to never have them on all the time, but set only to come on briefly when asked or you use a function on the unit.

Thanks Richard, yes both are set to do that. Trouble is if I need to mess around with settings I need the display as don’t think I can do that on the app.

Thanks Richard, I will be off to the dealer in the next few days.

With regards your displays, my UnitiQute’s has done the same. On the basis on the number of posts on the old forums it sounds like it’s a common issue.

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