Superuniti or Nac172 with nap 200

Hi all,
First post after discovering this new site, so be gentle.
I am sure this was asked before on the old site but at this time the old threads cannot be accessed.
Would there be much difference in performance between the two set ups.
I am relatively new to the Naim scene and I am trying figure out which would be higher in the family tree performance wise.
I currently own a Unitiqute 2 driving Acoustic Energy Reference 1’s which are beautifully made speakers.
I am looking at a Superuniti or Nac 172 + Nap 200 to replace the Unitiqute and I hoping some of you might be kind enough to share your experiences or thoughts.

Have you considered the new unity line maybe star or nova? If you stream mostly it might be the way to go. With the newer technologies in them. I have a friend with nap 200 and nac 202 with a node 2 streamer with a naim dac he bought gently loved and its a nice system also so I imagine 172 would be a nice pair with nap 200

Agree, a Nova would be a better solution.
Similar amp than the 200, needed for your speaker. The streaming feature set is more modern and future proof than a 172. A better DAC and better music over all…

If you want the latest streaming platform, then a Nova would be ideal. Alternatively, if you stream mainly locally stored CD rips & High Res downloaded files, you could either…

  1. Add a NAP200 to the UQ2 and then wait to see what Naim do with a replacement to the NAC-N272 and 172, or save for a used 272.

  2. Add a better streamer NDX-2 or ND5 XS2 to the UQ2, then replace the UQ with appropriate amplification (Supernait2 or NAC202 / NAP200) at a later date.

  3. Use the UQ2 as a streamer source only into whatever amplification you decide on - integrated or pre power. In time add a streamer of choice.

As a UnitiQute 2 owner I’ve been considering the pros and cons of the above and have yet to make a decision! Currently waiting to see what happens with a 272 replacement, but at the moment I’m leaning to option 3 (UQ2 & SN2), although I do keep changing my approach to this as there are so many options.

Thanks for the replies and suggestions, it is appreciated.
Ultimately a Nova is where I would like to be, eventually, at the moment though it is still outside my budget.
I have managed to get hold of a Nap 200 at a reasonable price and I am quite pleased with the results plus it puts me in an interesting position going forward.
Short term, possibly, I will stick with this ( thats what I told the wife :wink: ) and set my sights on a Nova hopefully later in the year, but its so tempting to keep experimenting. ( switches page to eBay, used Naim preamps ):joy:

A 200 should give your system a nice lift. If you find a 172 to go with it, that beats a Superuniti hands down to my ears. Or you can add an analogue preamp and then a separate streamer.

Congrats on the purchase - a NAP200 will enhance the UQ2 and be a nice stepping stone to greater things! Especially if Naim launch a new 272.

If the 200 was quite cheap, may well be worth checking the serial number to see how old it is and if around ten years old, it may benefit from a service.

Thanks gents.
Did have my eye on a 172xs but considering a Nac 202 also, I am like a child in a sweet shop :roll_eyes:.
The Nap 200 is a 2009 and at present on the way to Naim for a service, it had a mains hum which transmitted to the speakers intermittently.
The seller which is a local dealer was fantastic about it and arranged it to be sorted by Naim.
Fingers crossed, will keep you informed.

Thé 202/200 is a great combo. It should be a better option to go for 202/nd5 over 172xs which is à discontinued product and have no upgrade capability

Thanks Alex57, the more I contemplate, the more i like the idea of slowly being able to replace a piece with an upgraded one. I am still waiting for news about Nap 200 repair, not sure on what turn around time is but hopefully soon.

When I got a 172/155 combo, I auditioned the SuperUniti. Personally I thought the difference was worth going the seprates route, however after a while I felt the 155 was letting the side down a little with the speakers I was using (Spendor A5) and went for a used 200. I wasn’t disappointed. Greater control and more of everything. I did sell everything in the end, but if I were to go back to that level again I would not hesitate getting the 172/200, but I haven’t heard the latest Star/Nova…have heard the Atom and was very impressed.

How did you find the A5s? I tried some with a Superuniti and they sounded absolutely terrible, curious to hear if anyone has been able to get them sounding any good.

I had A5’s with a 282/HiCap DR/200 fronted by an NDX and I rather liked them.

I think I must have got lucky with an easy room though as they seem to have a reputation for overblown bass but I was able to use them quite successful fairly close to a wall.

Kudos C20’s (and later S20’s with a 250dr) did improve on the system dramatically but I did like the A5’s.

I think they need a NAP 200 as a minimum and I found the change from a 202 to 282 added control.

I used A5s with a NDX with a Olive 82,Supercap and 250 and really enjoyed them.

I really liked them, they were a good fit in our room, which was 5x4 mtrs with nearly 3mtr height.

If Nova is where you want to go, use the 200 with the Qute and wait for a pre-lived Nova at a price you can afford, after saving for a while. Trading is costly, even with high residuals of Naim.

I was amazed how quickly I went from dismissing the 500/552 as “out of the question” to finding a used set I could not only afford, but also justify, based on experience in the interim. I went straight from 112/155 to same, within two years. Really glad I saved all the $ and faff in between.

Good luck.


Well in a strange turn of events I purchased a Superuniti at a good price and it is truly impressive.
I havent yet received my Nap 200 back from Naim but understand it is being practically rebuilt, so cant wait for that to come back.
I sold the Unitiqute 2 and I am going to wait to see how the Nap 200 works with the Uniti 2 I have in my second system before deciding if I should swap that for a NAC 202 for just a vinyl set up.
The other half wants to move house, so selling it all and going for one super system is definitely a future possibility.

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