SuperUniti Remote Control

I own&enjoy a SuperUniti which was recently maintenanced, and the display was renewed. Ever since I can still change volume (and mute) with the remote, but all other functions seem to be gone. I cannot select sources, I cannot access the SU’s setup menue via the remote.
Not really a fundamental problem, since there is the app, and settings can be accessed directly from the SU’s keys, but still very strange. Did anyone here encounter anything similar?

Probably you need to renew the pair between the SuperUniti and the remote, because before the repair it may have been set to something other than the default. The remote will still be on the original setting.

So what you do, is turn the SuperUniti off, then turn it on again. When you see the SuperUniti splash image on the screen, on the remote press and hold all three of Aux1, Info and Disp buttons for a few seconds.

This transmits the code to the SuperUniti and it is saved to memory. Now the remote will work properly.

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Thank you so much David, that indeed did do the job. All works well now.

Well… on a second thought, I was planning to bring this forward to the better half as an excuse to get the SN3/ND5XS2 combo - guess you limited my chances here :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:

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