Superuniti screen

Good evening everyone I have the screen of my superuniti which has become unreadable. I must replace him. In fact, it is very easy to dismantle. If someone had the part number? Naim doesn’t retail which is a shame. All auto manufacturers sell their parts. Naim No.

It will need to go back to Naim for the screen to be replaced. This must be arranged via your dealer. I believe the cost is around £150 plus carriage. I understand your post perfectly but it’s worth noting that you need to post in English.

ok thanks for the info.

I believe a small software change is required when a new screen is installed in order to make it function correctly, so a DIY replacement would not work.
Hopefully you can arrange a replacement through a Naim dealer.

Bonne chance……

Ok thank you!!

I also believe the screen will be replaced as part of a full service at Naim. Not sure if any SuperUniti would be old enough to warrant servicing though.

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