Superuniti Tidal Error

Since two days I have a problem with Tidal. Any title I want to play with the Naim App leads to error displayed on the Superuniti.
Wednesday evening it worked, Thursday not. I have the latest software installed on the Superuniti, The latest Naim app in iOS and not update of the app that night. The latest iOS installed as well. Restarted rooterand Superuniti. Also reinstalled the Naim app. Nothing works.
The Superuniti is visible in the network and I can access it via IP. Webradio works.
Can anybody help?

Tidal had an issue since Friday evening but many here are now reporting that it has been fixed.

TIDAL is now working on my SuperUniti

Hi Richard,
for me it is not fixed as of today. I will give feedback here, as soon as it works again.
Best regards

Tonight Tidal works on my Superuniti again.

Glad to hear Kolja.

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