Superuniti to Focal (wireless) headphones

I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to get my SU to stream to a set of Focal headphones (Bluetooth equipped).

As far as I can see, the answer appears to be “no”…as I can’t find a way to produce a bluetooth output from the SU. Is that correct?

If so, other than connecting via the headphone jack, has anyone found another way to do so?

Naim streamers only have a Bluetooth input, so you would have to connect a Bluetooth transmitter to it to use headphones. Never tried it myself, but such things do exist.

Whether they have decent quality or not is another problem…I’ll look and see what I can find!

So I’ve been looking at Buetooth transmitters but am unable to determine if any have quality that approaches the quality we all might want in such a solution. Has anyone actually got any of these in use? (examples: Trond, Avantree, Senheiser) But most look to be pretty lo-fi?

Mcintosh do one it’s the MB20 Bluetooth transceiver.

I’ll check these out…appears they’re made in China, unlike the rest of McIntosh stuff (all USA as far as I know), but if it’s better than the clearly crappy Chinese stuff, may be worthwhile?

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