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hey - first post. I’ve spent 15 years scouring second hand high(mid) end to piece together pretty good systems until I met a dealer who said, take the superuniti home and tell me if it is worth the 7K. I never looked back, and although I cringe at the prices of Naim separates, it’s been really nice not to have the upgrade bug. I don’t think it gets better than this.

Then I ditched my harbeth 20’s and bought some neat XLS speakers and have a great place that can handle volume. I love the one box - but need more control.

I listen to Tidal 70% of the time and vinyl for the other 30%

my thoughts were to buy a NAP 300DR, use it to power the SU until the 372 comes out.

Then: the SN3 comes out with a phono stage (like less boxes) - and can be bi amped!

So: NAP 300DR, random phone stage and my SU till the 372 Or SN3, bi amped with a 250DR and a Naim streamer?

The trouble with Tidal on legacy streamers is that it sounds poor. One way around this is to run Bubble upnp on a Nas, but I suspect you don’t have one.

I went from a SU to 272/250DR and it’s a huge step up. But what would you do if a 372 never appears? Would you be happy with a 272?

The XLS are quite a handful, with the 250 being the bare minimum. I’d suggest forgetting biamping and going for a 282 with Hicap DR and either 250 or 300, using an NDX2. Alternatively the 272/555/300 is excellent but has the Tidal limitations.


It’s funny as, on my system (in various guises), Tidal has always sounded superb and very close to local streaming. Maybe the varying reports on Tidal SQ is to do with broadband connection or something…

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The Tidal issue that HH refers to isn’t sound quality per se. It’s latency on the internet link back to the local Tidal servers. So not the subscriber’s own broadband but a broadband infrastructure issue. Mostly it’s not a problem in UK but it can cause numerous stream failures in some locations elsewhere, making Tidal unusable at some or all times of day.

The point is that from the new Uniti onwards, the hardware buffer size in the unit is increased to work round this problem. But that doesn’t apply to legacy units like the old Unitis, NDX etc or 272.



Hi ‘HH’ I installed and run Bubble upnp on my NAS so that I can access Tidal on other platforms but it is still present when using my Naim legacy streamer. Can you explain how this helps sound quality with these older units when working with Tidal please?
Just curious as I haden’t noticed any difference in sound quality on my Naim kit, is there a specific configuration I need to do in the NAS or Bubble upnp app?

Cheers Roog

Ah, just seen David’s response, perhaps this addresses my question ‘HH’?

After sleeping on this - I’m getting a good NAP first - after that, I won’t have the funds to upgrade the SU for a year or so - so I’ll use the SU for a pre/streamer until then and if there is still no 372 a year from now, I’ll consider a 282 and separate streamer - but tbh I really hope that a 372 emerges - the prospect of 5 - 7 boxes kinda kills me. To the point of considering alternatives.

my decision is the realisation that the SN3 bi amped would be a “step” rather than a destination - I really enjoyed the SU with the harbeths - not just for sound - but having zero urge to upgrade until I got the Neats. Getting & listening to the Neats is amazing - I just need to get my system up to the same level.

thanks for the input. I’m thinking the same. I probably won’t be happy until a 372 appears ::slight_smile:

If you enable your streamer in the Bubble setup (I think as an open home renderer or something like that) you can then use Linn Kazoo to control Tidal to the Naim. Rather than just streaming it acts as if it’s music stored on your nas and sounds virtually indistinguishable from local rips. I’ve never had a latency problem but found Tital sounded really bad streamed direct. Others have reported similar issues

In that case go for a 250DR, forget the SN3 and see what happens. I agree a 372 would be good, so long as it really does sound better than a 272.

I’m really thinking the 300dr used is the way to go. I really like not thinking of upgrading.

There are plenty of 2 or 3 box Naim systems that will blow your Superuniti out of the water. Before working out which way to go, I think you should try to listen to some.

Thank you ‘HH’ I’ll log into the NAS and see what options the Bubble upnp app offers.


Why not get a dem of a Nova? It’s a big step up from the SU and a lot more cost effective than getting involved with separates.


The 300 is a lovely thing. (I like it so much I have two!)

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