Superuniti upgrade

Hi guys, first post here.
So i am starting to built my 1st listening room and i would like to upgrade my current set-up.
Superuniti, Harbeth shl5+, naca5. I really appreciate my Harbeth. Since my mom have them paires with an Esoteric system i know they have a great potential. So i am wondering where to start. I found a 250dr for a great price and i was going for it, untill… i try some audience au24 sx s’eakers cables !!! Wow ! The sound is now out of the box. I also tryed a power cord from kubala Sosna and i was able to justify the espense once again.
So where should start ?? Amp ? Cables ?
Thanks for your help

Depends how far you want to go and how much you want to spend. You could add an Ndx2 to the analogue input of the superuniti to upgrade your source and have the latest streaming tech. Later adding a supernait2/3. If you add a 250 then you if you wanted to upgrade further it would be a 272 or more boxes - source, preamp with power supplies.

Superuniti :point_right: Nova



Minimum 282/HCDR/250DR in my book for the SHL5+ to open up.

A former SHL5+ owner upgraded from 250DR to 300 and informed that the 300 is the minimum requirement for the speakers to sound good. Only if you have the money. Personally I would start with the amp. Cables can come later.

Thanks for tour help. I plan to go for
272-250dr-audience au24 sx. within next years. 282 seems much better but then i would need a streamer and i dont plan to spend that much. So you would start with the 250dr ?

I would try your SU with the 250 before upgrading to the 272. My dealer and I both found that a SU in steamer/pre-only mode outpaces a bare 272.

…this review might help as it makes direct comparisons against the Superuniti…

“where the loudspeakers cost several times the price of the amplifier. Sometimes this works surprisingly well, sometimes not so well. It works extremely well with the SuperUniti, but the Nova takes it to a new level. This is one of those combinations that makes you question the need to take things further. Yes, inserting tens or even hundreds of thousands more on a system will improve it, but the joy of the Nova is it will not ‘better’ it.”…thats quite a Statement :wink:

Pergaps not the outcome you would expect from that comparison, although the SU and 272 do have many components in common. Still, it would be an easy way to start an upgrade process to separates, and there’s never any harm in stopping at any point where you’re happy with the results.

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