Superuniti Webradio reset issue

Hello everyone.
There is something which annoys me when unsing the webrdio on the Superuniti.
We all know that we dont want to turn off our Naim gear if possible. Well what concerns the issue
of the webradio not having a signal two or three times a week is somehow annoying me.
Its the App on my iphone and the Webradio on the Superuniti that very often that can not find the room (App) and the (no signal) Superuniti.
My superuniti is connectet by Network-Cable and not by WIFI or Bluetooth.
The router works just fine, thats not the problem.
Is there another way of reinitialize the Webradio without turning off the Superuniti ?
Thank you in advance for your help.
David from Switzerland.

I’ve had this problem and I reckon it was probably due to network problems. Remember, although a fantastic box, the Superuniti is a few years old now.

Strangly, the Superuniti used to reconnect if I unplugged and then plugged back the network cable in the back of the amp. Seems a bit of a faff but was faster than going through menu settings or turning the SU on and off again.

It’s also worth powering down your router for a few minutes and then restarting to see if that makes things more stable.

Good luck!

Hello and thank you for your reply
I actually did try with unplugging cable or retarting the router in the past but that didnt help, I still had to restart the Superuniti.
Besides I still have that problem with the Mute Loge not workin correctly. I had to turn it off because it would mute the Superuniti by itself all the time. So I deprogramed it to mute by remote control only.
I’m suprised to read that a Naim peace of gear is concidred as old after 5 Years.
Kind regards

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