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I sent an email to Naim Support on January 8th but still no reply. Are they closed or just understaffed? What’s the approx time to get response lately?

If you let me know your ticket number, I can chase it up, but I know the team are rather swamped at the moment - January is always a really busy time as we handle the backlog that builds up over the Christmas break.

Can I also check which email address you used? Thanks!

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Thanks Clare. Don’t wanna post my email on here :wink:

Your Ticket Number is 100765

Totally understand - it was only the ticket number i needed. Leave it with me…

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Hello again - I hear you’ve had a reply from our Support team; hope that’s helped!


Thanks! :pray:

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As a general comment to anyone reading this thread, please remember that your retailer - not Naim - should be the first port of call for any support queries. Our team deals with 25,000+ queries a year, so are understandably busy.

All service requests also need to be handled via a dealer, so if your query is about service, it makes extra-special sense to start there.

Of course there’s also this Forum where lots of helpful folk can provide extra insight.


Thanks for posting this. As someone who usually buys audio gear from offerup / garage sales that is quite old, this is not something i would have assumed to do going to dealer over the company it self. Appreciate this post.

When having a retailer and being under warranty sure, but what about all others purchasing second handed outside warranty even from other countries and not even knowing the product history. I would assume they contact Naim directly for technical questions? Resellers mostly just care about the products they have sold and anything else goes into the bin. The world is borderless but my experience is distributers and resellers are not.

That’s an interesting position. When you buy used, the manufacturer receives none of the purchase price. Further, when first sold by the authorised reseller, the expectation was that the dealer provided first level support.

I’m not clear then why a manufacturer should be expected to provide first level support for equipment bought from an unauthorised seller, at least, no more than the second level support they would have offered behind the original retailer.

Although the dealer is the recommended first port of call, you can, of course, contact Naim directly for technical questions (though i’d always suggest a trip here/quick Google first, in case your question has already been answered). You may need to be patient for a response, though - we’re not a huge organisation.

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So say I purchase a 7 year old NAP300DR and have issues with it. I contact the reseller that sold it 7 years ago even if I’m not the original customer, the distributor in my country or Naim HQ?

I think the better you can predict the current time a customer needs to wait and communicate such the less of a problem it is. It could also be of value to in a simple way move people in the right direction before they send you an email. There are pretty good solutions to such with one having to answer few questions and then get information on who to contact :slight_smile: Me I just google Naim support, arrive on your page and find the support email. Done. Which for me is easy and great but for you might create more work than needed :slightly_smiling_face:

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If it’s seven years old it’s out of warranty, you pay to get it fixed. No point in contacting reseller and/or dealer.

I’m of course fully aware of that and it was an example. A simple way in addressing this could be saying “All questions under warranty goes to the reseller. If the reseller is not helping then contact the distributor in your country and as a last option Naim HQ. If the product is out of warranty you contact Naim HQ”

Interesting stat there.
25000+ help requests, or over 500 issues every week.
That’s sounds like a problem alright.


If I had just bought a 7 year old Mercedes, privately as opposed from a car sales room, I don’t for one minute think that a quick email to Merc HQ would have their support team on my doorstep this afternoon.

Why people expect that sort of brilliant (but non existent) service should be provided by Naim, beats me.

I think it’s fantastic that Naim are even prepared to provide the support that they do for us all.


Well, you go to Mercedes to have it fixed or to a car dealer with no connection to Mercedes and in a best case they might fix it or you get 5 more issues… As with most car dealers they will tell you to repair at their own repair centers with original parts, just like Naim do. In terms of Naim there is however not repair centers distributed all over the world. For me in Sweden I think Naim HQ in UK is my one and only option.

Naim in this case has a sales pitch in honouring their history and as far as I know Naim wants us to repair their products either at their HQ or as an authorized dealer. One could of course knock on door and get whatever repair dude looking at it but that’s not what Naim wants. With caring comes responsibility and I think Naim is great at it. Just to be clear, I’m not complaining at Naim here if that is how one reads it.

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Bear in mind that a query is not always an “issue”. Customers used to write emails in to Naim all the time, many of which were just looking for an opinion; “I’ve just bought this amp, what speaker cable should I use?”, “This is my system, what’s my best upgrade path”, that sort of thing, which was the vast majority of enquiries, and very likely that remains the case today. Of course, I’d imagine that networking and all the variables that involves with different setups now probably also makes up a fair chunk of the enquiries.

What I really found heartening was the number of mails that weren’t really looking for any information or a solution to a problem, but just wanted to say how pleased and happy they were with their Naim kit and to pass on their thanks to the team.


Absolutely. I’d also add that a huge number of those queries are from distributors and retailers, booking in a service or double-checking they’ve got all the right elements for a particular install/upgrade

There is no point trying to compare the service naim give with that of other firms.
The bit that differentiates naim from the others, is that their service if different. And that’s a good thing.
They can provide service on almost everything they have made. Most of their dealers have been supplying naim for a long time too. My local dealer pretty much from day 1. Those relationships are key to their business and why I buy their products. Ongoing support helps to stop items becoming obsolete.
Who else in their right mind would have bought a near 30 year old Nac 72 for a second system? A device capable ( with service) of performing as it did in 1993. More than can be said for me!