Can the Naim Atom clock be changed to 24 hour format and is there a way to display either the album cover or that little cover art with information at the bottom permanently on the screen? so that the information is displayed all the time.

Sadly I don’t think so…

I agree that the answer is no and no.

it’s a pity, maybe Naim support can add it to the Atom firmware? Anyone here from Naim support?

Easter Sunday? Hardly likely is it?

In any case Naim don’t routinely monitor this forum. You could email the request to Naim support and see what they say.

Relax :grinning: :grinning:, you know it’s Christmas and I’m not expecting a new update now, I was more concerned that maybe someone Naim will read my post. Of course, I will write a request to support about the possibility of adding such a function.

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That… is the correct thing to do… :expressionless:

Naim Support are not likely to read a post on here - unless you tag a specific person - starting with @Richard.Dane.

I’m not technical support, but I do try to help where I can. As suggested above, best to email support. Details can be found here;

Note that today (Monday 10th April, 2023) is a holiday in the UK.

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It might be considered an improvement, if the Naim Forum had a way to ‘flag’ something directly to :

Due to the support ticketing system, I don’t think that’s possible.

You wouldn’t be the first to comment on the poor screen implementation, I emailed support ages ago with suggestions but never heard anything back, several firmware updates later it remains poor unfortunately.

Maybe it’s worth repeating your suggestions and sending the email again, I’ll do it after Christmas, maybe luck will smile at us and someone will notice our requests :grinning:

Christmas? Its april 10th sir

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ok, yes I know, the translator translates that way, I think everyone knows what holidays are about anyway :grinning:

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Cheers Arturros !

My request has been forwarded to the software department, I wonder if it will help

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What I suggested before was that the display button on the remote toggles between existing album art and track info settings but also a third state of nothing displayed or off, and that each of these settings would latch. I can’t see it being software rocket science, it seems so obvious perhaps there’s a technical reason why it’s not done. A permanent clock would be good too but perhaps that might burn in on the screen. Perhaps @Stevesky might have his team investigate :wink:

I can survive the lack of a permanent clock display, but changing to 24 format is probably not a problem for a programmer, but displaying information on the screen permanently is a priority for me in this class of equipment, the more that they are only displayed not permanently, after returns to the screen with full graphics. Was it that complicated? I don’t think so. I am asking here to add the ability to permanently display information on the screen :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

I’ve raised the request about the information screen with the developers via the Beta group, so we will see what happens.

I suspect it’s very much a minority request, as the information is already visible on the phone or tablet, and the equipment screen is normally too far away to be able to read album information. But if they can do it, why not have it as an option?

Thank you for your quick response and help :grinning:
Such a screen with information is already there after pressing the now playing button on the remote control, the point is that this screen remains permanently and after pressing the button on the remote control again, there is a return to full graphics on the screen. Now the information is displayed for a few seconds and there is a return to full graphics.