Surely they should know better?

This one bugs me. I have done the business the courtesy last year of emailing them about the error on a flyer and see it is still on their website.

Am I being a bit precious or is this tantamount to referring to Baythoven.



Not precious at all, this is exactly the sort of thing that should be flagged up.

PC World used to have a huge sign over their support desk that proudly boasted “All make’s of computers serviced”. What sort of organisation employs enough dimwits that someone can come up with the slogan, someone else designs the banner, it’s signed off and then printed & distributed without anyone saying Hang on…?

Schoolboy error. Mind, there are one or two on here who could do with a another stab at Grammar: Back To Basics, lesson 1.

Still not the worst!


Wow, and to think that most of the visitors didn’t even realize it…



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…perhaps a marketing ploy to reach a segment of the marketplace that has not been listening to her music.

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