Surprisingly valuable LPs/CDs

As the title suggests, not a sealed Beatles first press yadda yadda, more “ooh, that’s a surprise”.

My trio: (all vinyl LP’s)


The above surprised me, in particular the Ramases reissue, as I had completely forgotten I had it. It looks like I ordered it from HMV in 2012, and is a numbered, limited edition reissue.

Valuable in terms of sentimental value yes.

But as someone that has recently off loaded their Vinyl and CD collections they are only as valuable as much as someone is prepared to pay for them or what the last person paid for them on discogs.

Just remember the financial crisis of a few years back - all those assets valued at what people thought they were worth or told what they were worth turned out to be froth.

Just play them and enjoy them.


This is not meant to be a “flaunt my collection” thread, I was literally surprised to find a couple of these LPs in my collection, and was surprised at what the asking prices are on Discogs. (What prices are realised is another matter entirely).


When I sold my 12,000 odd CD collection I didn’t really have high hopes of retiring to Monte Carlo given the book value of CDs is around an average of £7 and the current market value is 10p a disc.

For the vinyl collection of around 400 albums I managed to get £7.50 per album.

The above are collections and cherry picking the right albums and selling them individually might have achieved higher prices. But what I found in reality is that it’s finding that one person who has the readies to part with.

I made many calls to dealers and shops only to be told sorry old boy I don’t have any free cash this month.

I wanted to shift the whole lot in one go - so selling individually might work for you. By the way the Rameses album is a gem - interesting guy backed by 10cc.

He does seem to have been a bit of a character: unfortunately took his own life, although his widow Selket is still with us. I just can’t remember ordering it :upside_down_face:

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