Surround sound

Hi guys…

Thinking of getting an NAPV175?
Is it easy to integrate into my system and set up?
Nac252 nap 300

Fancy the home cinema experience!!

What are you going to use as the surround sound processor as the 175 is just a 3 channel amp ?

Can’t I have that running the sub and the two rears
And have the my floorstanders as the fronts off the 252?

Sorry to sound like a noob

Ah ok. Yes the NAP V175 is just a 3 channel amp. It was originally part of the Naim AV kit along with the DVD5, AV2 processor and NAP V145.

You’ll need a processor to decode the surround information coming from a DVD / Blu-ray / Sky etc. For a 5.1 system, the processor provides Front L&R, Centre and Rear L&R and Sub outputs. The front L&R could use your present system, fed into the AV input of the 252 using the AV bypass function (volume controlled by processor rather than 252). You could then use the V175 to provide the centre and rear channel amplification. Subs tend to be powered so have an amplifier built in.

Thanks mate

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Hi Andy,

These do come up and they can be had for reasonable prices …but, may be wise to factor in a service cost.


Alternatively, get 2x a Nap 100.

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