Swapping speaker/jumper terminals

Well, here’s a thing. We’ve been having a few tech issues with wi-fi and a new laptop this last week and - long story short - I’ve ended up leafing through the manuals to a lot of my kit. In the manuals to my B&W speakers, I found this on the topic of using jumper cables when single wiring:

‘The ear is at its most sensitive in the midrange, so we recommend that, when single wiring, you connect the cable from the amplifier to the terminals that directly feed the midrange driver.’

My NACA5 has, for years, been connected to the LF terminals on my speakers, with the jumpers then jumping to the M&HF terminals (simply because that was what was easiest with the NACA5 being a swine to manipulate at the best of times). Since I’d already spent too much of the weekend fiddling with other cabling and nonsense, I decided to swap them over to see if the manual knew what it was talking about.

Now, granted, I wasn’t doing a strict A/B test, but it does seem to have tamed the bass, which has been getting quite rambunctious of late, without muting it. Simultaneously, the treble has gained a bit of much-needed polish so I’m very happy and will definitely be leaving the cables where they now are. My Naim kit is long overdue a service, so I’m sure the lack of refinement recently is due to that. Nevertheless, it’s nice to find a tweak that makes it all sound better but doesn’t cost several hundred pounds and require the kit to take a trip on the bus to Salisbury.


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