Swapping Unitiserve for Core = better music?

I’m considering this change and would be very interested to hear from folks who’ve made this upgrade and aside from user interface improvements etc… whether they think it made a material and worthwhile difference to their musical experience. If there are old threads on this in the archive please let me know and I will search.
Cheers, Kevin

I recently made the change to a Core…downside…no cd replay facility ( solved with a Cd5 si )
It’s much quieter in operation , seems to me to rip quicker…album look up much improved .
Biggest plus is the ease of back up to an external hard drive…also being able to swap internal storage if / when it fails is a bonus…last Unitiserve hd failed requiring a return to Naim for replacement .
Sound quality? Hard to say really…was happy with the serve…Core seems at least as good if not better, although I did swap to a Nova at the same time…so the biggest improvement would undoubtably be as a result of this.

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