Sweet spot nirvana

Having changed houses over the years found the sound I loved then lost it due to new acoustics spent loads of money to replicate it got close but no cigar I had somewhat given up but enjoyed what I had all the same…until now that is :slight_smile: it’s easier firing across the room but on the short wall it’s so much harder I found it was either too shouty too much bass or too little bass and my only guide was what I had before. But I tried again inch by inch it can’t be that narrow surely? But just one inch one way or the other till it hits the spot where it comes together is a magical moment. Hearing bass lines all the way through the music mid range subtleties sweet high hats it’s quite amazing and why I started this game! Don’t give up I would say it will come right in the end! :grinning:


Inch? 5mm more like, and even within that there’s a sweeter spot. Having something that lets you micro adjust the speaker position is invaluable, even if you remove them later.

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You may well be right but one inch seems a lot to me given the distance to myself, it sounds great I dare not move it :joy:

Do you have to lock your head in one position, and not move an inch?

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No it sounds good from the sofa either side if centre

Been there done that with a house move and the “sound collapsing” it was so frustrating……

It took me a few years but happy now!

Russell K recons once you get it right it sounds better anywhere in the room😁

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I agree you don’t have to sit in the middle with your head in a brace lol

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