Switch: Network layout advice

Question to the round:

I am planning to upgrade part of my Ethernet infra with an Audiophile switch. However I currently am somewhat bound to a Unifi Switch Lite 16 because of the fact that it also powers my Unifi U6 Pro 3 AP’s (POE+) …

My question therefore would be whether you would recommend me putting in an audiophile switch between my Zyxel router and the Unifi (in the meter cupboard) or behind the Unifi (directly in the music area)?

(Or is there any other recommendation that for instance integrates everything into one, including support for my POE+ AP’s)

Cheers W.

Can you use poe injectors? Then you can use any switch you like.

Not familiar with POE, so can’t comment on that directly.

However, I was advised when I got my EE8 to put it close to the streamer with a short Ethernet cable.

Others may have other opinions, but try all ways and see what’s the best for you.


Zyxel router <=> Unify switch <=> Audiophile switch

You can place the switch far from the streamer as long as you use CAT7 or CAT8 and ground only at the switch side.

Then you create an antenna to pick all kinds of RF noise and whatnot. Nice if you wanna build a radio receiver, but really not advisable when connecting a streamer.

I can only guess you didn’t understand what I just said or maybe you are not aware that CAT7 and CAT8 are shielded cables as opposed to just UTP.

Sorry, I read it wrong. I thought you advised a long cable with the shield connected at only the switch side.

That is exactly what I advised.