Switching between different inputs

Hi, I am testing a ND 555 in comparison to my NDX 2 with XPS DR. Therefor I have connected the ND 555 to my 552. When I switch between the two inputs for NDX 2 and 555 with the remote there little cracks. Is this normal?

If you have both connected to the NAC552 at the same time then make sure only one of the streamers is set to chassis earth. Then other should then be set to floating.

Thanks for the super fast answer. I will check. Is it important which streamer is set to floating?

I am really impressed by the performance of the 555. Although I thought that nothing is missing when driving the NDX 2. Now it is a question of sound to value ratio.

I have just read the ND 555 ground switch thread. I have also installed a Superline with HiCap DR on the 552. So I should try both streamers set to floating. Right?

Yes, you want only one source to carry the ground from your amp, so if the Superline is doing this, set both streamers to floating.
I’m not convinced that there is always an audible difference, so I would test by ear. If you don’t hear a difference, don’t sweat it.

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