Switching between streamers/streaming players

I have three Naim streamers/streaming players. They are not sync’d, which is by choice.

If I am controlling one product with the app, is it possible for me to switch to another product/room without putting the first product on standby?

Within the Naim app you can click at the top to switch to another room/device if that’s what you want.

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Tap the name of the streamer at the top of the screen to open the ‘rooms’ screen. Select the other streamer you want and use it independently of the other, which can be left playing if you want.
Alternatively you can use a different device to run the app for each room, or use the remotes.
If you have a local server or a subscription to Tidal etc. there may be a limit to the number if decives you can stream to independently.

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Try Roon?

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