Switching down to Tidal HiFi

Going to switch down to HiFi from HiFi plus. no interest in MQA, etc.

Will Tidal playlists be conserved?

Also, Naim app - what does the E in a box signify against a track listing?


I switched “down” missed nothing, and i believe E means explicit lyrics, I think

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cool, seems E is v random but makes sense. thanks q reply.

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done. Indeed, it feels more like an up than a down…

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I’m glad they offered the choice, otherwise you’re paying for something not needed in my case.

E means the song contains #&£# and @&£#** and sometimes even &%#. I listen to BBC 6 music when in the car, there are often shorts gaps in the lyrics where the &££#@ has been silenced.

for f*@#$ sake. what is the point.

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