Switching off your Sub?

Wandering if anybody has come up with an innovative solution to powering their sub on and off?

For me the wall socket is inaccessible behind some shelving and the switch on the sub is a bit of a bugger to get at on the back of the Sub, requires moving several breakable ornaments my wife likes to place on it. (I know but in the interests of marital bliss ect!)

If it were me, I would probably use a switched extension lead and so move the mains point to somewhere inconspicuous and more easily reached. No doubt some will say that this will affect SQ, but I really don’t believe it would.

Or another approach would be to use a WiFi controlled adaptor in the wall socket and plug the sub into that. Then you could use an app on your phone to turn the sub on and off, or even automate it so it turns off at bed time and on again the next day at whatever time you want.

What I do myself here is use the remote control that came with the sub to switch it to standby, but that presumably isn’t an option you have!

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Thanks David

Also considering a high current in line switch on the power cable

Yes you could do that too. The current won’t be very high by the way.

The WiFi socket I was thinking of is made by TP-Link Kasa, but I expect there are lots of different types.

The ‘mute’ button? :thinking:

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I have this little BK electronics sub, gorgeous finish but no remote or mute button!

Think I will give the WiFi switch a go. As I normally have a tablet to hand to operate the Naim app.

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Get a Velodyne sub - they come with a remote. Really handy for fine tuning the sound.

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Yup. Same as n-SUB.

My n-Sub has an on-off button on the front. Easy!


Most (nearly all) subs have either a SMPS that pulls next to nothing when no signal is coming or an auto on signal trip, or both. If you’re concerned, test with a wattmeter and see if it draws more than 2w 10 mins after the last audio signal.

The new BKs have that. Mine is the older one!

But at least i am supporting the pluky small British manufacturer😁

Come to think of it my entire system is British!

With a Naim and B&W system, I’ve got an All-English system!

I leave my B&W ASW675 on all the time. It has an auto-off/auto-on circuit, but I prefer to leave it switched out (possibly foolishly). The sub consumes 25W quiescently, which is, for me, tolerable.


My RELs go into power starvation mode when they don’t get a signal, so I’ve never worried about powering them off, even though I power off all my Naim PSUs (SC x 2, XPS, 300PS) when I’m not playing the system.

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